Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Facts About World -Indonesia (Chapter-3)

Facts About World -Indonesia

21. The headquarters of which organisation is in Indonesia?
(a) SAARC                                                                (b) APEC
(c) ASEAN                                                                (d) ADB
Answer: (c)

22. Which ape is endemic to Indonesia?
(a) Gibbon                                                              (b) Hoolock
(c) Orangutan                                                        (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

23. Legislative body of Indonesia:
(a) National Assembly
(b)  People's Consultative Assembly
(c) Cortes
(d) Majlis
Answer: (b)

24. In which island, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia is situated?
(a) Java                                                                     (b) Sumatra
(c) Bali                                                                      (d) Borneo
Answer: (a)

25. The independence declared by the Indonesians in 1945 was acknowledged by the European power in the year:
(a) 1946                                                                   (b) 1947
(c) 1948                                                                   (d) 1949

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