Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Facts About World -Indonesia (Chapter-2)

Facts About World -Indonesia

11. Leaders of nationalist movement of Indonesia were ........ and Mohammed
(a) Sukarno                                                       (b) Suharto
(c) Koroson Aquino                                         (d) Ramon Magsaysay
Answer: (a)

12. The rank of Indonesia in terms of coastline in Asia:
(a) Second                                                         (b) First
(c) Third                                                            (d) Fourth
Answer: (b)

13. Indonesia is the largest ........ in the world.
(a) Island                                                          (b) Peninsula
(c) Archipelago                                               (d) Isthumus
Answer: (c)

14. The largest city in South East Asia:
(a) Manila                                                           (b) Bangkok
(c) Kuala Lumpur                                            (d) Jakarta
Answer: (d)

15. The country with the largest number of maritime boundaries is .......
(a) China                                                              (b) Russia
(c) Indonesia                                                       (d) Australia
Answer: (c)

16. ..... temple is in Java island.
(a) Angkorvat                                                           (b) Tooth
(c) Rankoji                                                               (d) Prambanan
Answer: (d)

17. Komodo Dragon found in the Komodo island of Indonesia is the largest creature in....... family.
(a) lizard                                                                   (b) bird
(c) snake                                                                   (d) fish
Answer: (a)

18. What is the rank of Indonesia in the world in terms of population?
(a) First                                                                    (b) Second
(c) Third                                                                  (d) Fourth
Answer: (d)

19. Which plant is a native of Indonesia’s Banda island?
(a) Nutmeg                                                            (b) Dahlia
(c) Papaya                                                              (d) Vanilla
Answer: (a)

20. Which of the following countries was granted independence by Indonesia?
(a) Singapore                                                            (b) Malaysia
(c) Papua New Guinea                                            (d) East Timor

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