Thursday, May 12, 2016

Facts About World - Russia - (Chapter-2)

Facts About World -Russia 

11. The city of Students:
(a) St.Petersberg                                         (b) Moscow
(c) Vienna                                                      (d) Pune
Answer: (b)

12. The country which has the longest extent from one end to other is ........
(a) Chile                                                       (b) China
(c) Russia                                                    (d) Canada
Answer: (c)

13. ....... river has the longest estuary in the world
(a) Ob                                                           (b) Volga
(c) Danube                                                  (d) Amur
Answer: (a)

14. The first country in the world to implement term based planning is .........
(a) USA                                                        (b) Soviet Union
(c) China                                                     (d) India
Answer: (b)

15. ....... is a famous drink in Russia.
(a) Sake                                                        (b) Pravda
(c) Vodka                                                     (d) Izvestia
Answer: (c)

16. Sunny Muslim majority area in Russia.
(a) Chechnia                                             (b) Yalta
(c) Sakha                                                   (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

17. Asian and European parts of Russia are separated by ..... mountains.
(a) Alps                                                      (b) Hindukush
(c) Karakoram                                         (d) Ural
Answer: (d)

18. Russia launched the first space craft in the world, Sputnik, on 4th October, .......
(a) 1957                                                      (b) 1958
(c) 1959                                                      (d) 1960
Answer: (a)

19. ....... was originated in Russia.
(a) Existentialism                                        (b) Nihilism
(c) Zionism                                                    (d) Cubism
Answer: (b)

20. The Red Square is in ........
(a) Beihing                                                    (b) Moscow
(c) St.Petersberg                                          (d) None of these

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