Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Facts About World -Indonesia (Chapter-1)

Facts About World -Indonesia

1. Only Asian country through which the ......... passes is Indonesia.
(a) Tropic of Cancer                                         (b) Equator
(c) Tropic of Capricorn                                   (d) IDL
Answer: (b)

2. the most populous island in the world.
(a) Sumatra                                                      (b) Borneo
(c) Jawa                                                             (d) Sulawesi
Answer: (c)

3. The only Hindu majority area in Indonesia is ...... island.
(a) Jawa                                                           (b) Sumatra
(c) Borneo                                                       (d) Bali
Answer: (d)

4. Indonesia has the largest number of ...... in the world:
(a) Buddhists                                                 (b) Hindus
(c) Muslims                                                     (d) Christians
Answer: (c)

5. The old name of Indonesia is .........
(a) Dutch East Indies                                (b) Ceylon
(c) Siam                                                         (d) Khmr Republic
Answer: (a)

6. ....... is the airlines of Indonesia.
(a) Cathay Pacific                                        (b) Garuda
(c) Silk Air                                                     (d) JAL
Answer: (b)

7. .......... in Yogyakarta is the largest Buddhist memorial in the world.
(a) Angkorwat                                              (b) Kandy
(c) Borobudur                                              (d) Bamian
Answer: (c)

8. Indonesia got independence from .....
(a) Japan                                                           (b) France
(c) Britain                                                         (d) Netherlands
Answer: (d)

9. Non Aligned Movement had its beginning in the ........ Conference of 1955.
(a) Bandung                                                   (b) Jakarta
(c) Manila                                                        (d) Bangkok
Answer: (a)

10. The first country in the world to repeal membership from ....... is Indonesia
(a) SAARC                                                       (b) UNO
(c) SAARC                                                       (d) G-15

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