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Facts About World -Egypt (Chapter-2)

Facts About World -Egypt

16. Who among the following was the queen of Egypt?
(a) Sheba                                                            (b) Victoria
(c) Cleopatra                                                     (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

17. The first woman ruler in the world history is ........ of Egypt, a woman Faroa.
(a) Hathshepsut                                              (b) Sheba
(c) Helen                                                            (d) Cleopatra
Answer: (a)

18. Which of the following is in Egypt?
(a) Colossium                                                   (b) Hagia Sofia
(c) Sphinx                                                          (d) Machu Pichu
Answer: (c)

19. In which country is Giza pyramid?
(a) Mexico                                                         (b) Egypt
(c) Sudan                                                           (d) Congo
Answer: (b)

20. Who ruled Egypt in ancient times?
(a) Caesar                                                        (b) Nizam
(c) Pharaoh                                                    (d) Kaizer
Answer: (c)

21. Which is developed for the first time by the Egyptians?
(a) Compass                                                    (b) Paper
(c) Solar Calendar                                        (d) Gun powder
Answer: (c)

22. Which Dam is in Egypt?
(a) Three Gorges                                             (b) Aswan
(c) Tehri                                                            (d) Hoover
Answer: (b)

23. Which mountain in Egypt is holy for Jews, Christians and Muslims?
(a) Ararat                                                          (b) Table Mount
(c) Sinai                                                             (d) Calvary
Answer: (c)

24. ....... was used for the first time by the Egyptians.
(a) Copper                                                      (b) Gold
(c) Iron                                                            (d) Silver
Answer: (a)

25. Lake Nasser is formed in the river......
(a) Orange                                                     (b) Congo
(c) Niger                                                        (d) Nile

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