Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Facts About World- South Africa (Chapter-2)

Facts About World- South Africa

16.The first black to become the president of South Africa:
(a) FW De Clarke                                 (b) Tabo Mbeki
(c) Nelson Mandela                            (d) Jacob Zuma
Answer: (c)

17.Which is known as Golden City?
(a) Johannesburg                               (b) Durban
(c) Pretoria                                          (d) Cape Town
Answer: (a)

18.In which year Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa?
(a) 1991                                                (b) 1992
(c) 1993                                               (d) 1994
Answer: (d)

19.The first heart transplant surgery in the world was done by Dr. Christian Bernard in .......on December 3, 1967.
(a) Cape Town                                         (b) Pretoria
(c) Johannesburg                                     (d) Durban
Answer: (a)

20. ....... obtained from South Africa is the largest diamond in the world.
(a) Kohinoor                                            (b) Cullinan
(c) Hope                                                     (d) Star
Answer: (b)

21. The independent country wholly surrounded by South African territory
(a) Swaziland                             (b) Namibia
(c) Lesotho                                     (d) Botswana
Answer: (c)

22. The largest city in South Africa:
(a) Pretoria                                       (b) Johannesburg
(c) Cape Town                                 (d) Bloemfontein
Answer: (b)

23. The number of official languages in South Africa:
(a) 10                                                   (b) 11
(c) 12                                                   (d) 13
Answer: (b)

24. In which Island Nelson Mandela was imprisoned?
(a) Ruben Island                              (b) Robben Island
(c) St.Helena                                      (d) Corsica
Answer: (b)

25. Where is Soccer City Stadium, the venue of the 2010 FIFA World Cup ?
(a) Pretoria                                        (b) Cape Town
(c) Durban                                          (d) Johannesburg

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