Thursday, May 12, 2016

Facts About World -Israel (Chapter-2)

Facts About World -Israel

11.The first prime minister of Israel.
(a) David Ben Gurion                                      (b) Theodor Herzl
 (c) Weisman                                                     (d) Golda Meir
Answer: (a)

12. The........ is currently governed by Israel.
(a) Sinai Peninsula                                           (b)  Golan Heights
(c) Asia Minor                                                    (d) Anatolia
Answer: (b)

13. Jesus Christ was crucified in ........
(a) Bethlehem                                                     (b) Calvary
(c) Rome                                                               (d) Athens
Answer: (b)

14. Western Wall or Wailing Wall is one of the holiest places of:
(a) Christians                                                        (b) Muslims
(c) Jews                                                                   (d) Parsis
Answer: (c)

15. ......... is the birth place of Jesus Christ.
(a) Vatican                                                          (b) Athens
(c) Bethlehem                                                    (d) Calvary
Answer: (c)

16. The scientist who was invited to assume charge as the first president of Israel when it was formed:
(a) Thomas Alva Edison                                (b) Albert Einstein
(c) Enrico Fermi                                              (d) Oppenheimer
Answer: (b)

17. ...... is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately
six million European Jews during World War II:
(a) Holocaust                                                     (b) Ghetto
(c) Exodus                                                           (d) Via Dolorosa
Answer: (a)

18. The legislative body of Israel:
(a) Senate                                                        (b) Majlis
(c) Knesset                                                      (d) Storting
Answer: (c)

19. The currency of Israel:
(a) New Shekel                                                    (b) Rand
(c) Pound                                                              (d) Dollar
Answer: (a)

20. The capital of Israel:
(a) Tehran                                                                (b) Constantinople
(c) Jerusalem                                                           (d) Sana

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