Thursday, May 12, 2016

Facts About World -Bangladesh (Chapter-3)

Facts About World -Bangladesh 

21. Hadudu is the national sports of Bangladesh. It is otherwise called:
(a) Football                                                            (b) Kabbadi
(c) Chess                                                                 (d) Hockey
Answer: (b)

22. The largest distributary of Brahmaputra:
(a) Jamuna                                                            (b) Padma
(c) Meghna                                                           (d) Surma
Answer: (a)

23. After joining with Meghna, river Padma is known as:
(a) Lower Meghna                                              (b) Lower Padma
(c) Jamuna                                                            (d) Bhagirathi
Answer: (a)

24. The largest delta in the world:
(a) Amazon                                                          (b) Nile
(c) Sundarbans                                                   (d) Mekong
Answer: (c)

25. Sundarbans delta is formed after the merging of two rivers, namely.......
(a) Ganga and Yamuna                                         (b) Ganga and Brahmaputra
(c) Brahmaputa and Indus                                 (d) Indus and Ganga

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