Thursday, May 12, 2016

Facts About World -Bangladesh - (Chapter-1)

Facts About World -Bangladesh 

1. Bangladesh is the youngest country in South Asia,formed in .......
(a) 1971           (b) 1970            (c) 1969              (d) 1968
Answer: (a)

2. In Bangladesh, Ganga is known as:
(a) Hugly                                                    (b) Padma
(c) Jamuna                                                 (d) Bhagirathi
Answer: (b)

3. .....  in Bangladesh is the longest beach in the world (125 km).
(a) Marina Beach                                             (b) Navsari Beach
(c) Cox’s Bazar                                                 (d) Meghna Beach
Answer: (c)

4. In which of following commodities, Bangladesh leading?
(a) Jute         (b) Tea          (c) Gold                (d) Coffee
Answer: (a)

5. The organisation that fought for the liberation of Bangladesh is ‘...........’.
(a) LTTE                                                              (b) Muktibahini
(c) Santhivahini                                                (d) Jatiya Sena
Answer: (b)

6. The city of Mosques:
(a) Chittagong                                                     (b) Dhaka
(c) Sylhet                                                              (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

7. Bangladesh is known as:
(a) Land of Canals                                                  (b) Land of 1000 Lakes
(c) Land of Rivers and Distributatiries            (d) Land of Minarets
Answer: (c)

8. Former name of Dhaka:
(a) Sambajinagar                                                    (b) Karnavati
(c) Bhagyanagar                                                      (d) Jahangirnagar
Answer: (d)

9. The national animal of Bangladesh:
(a) Lion                                                                         (b) Royal Bengal Tiger
(c) Yak                                                                          (d) Horse
Answer: (b)

10. The important port of Bangladesh:
(a) Dhaka                                                                    (b) Chittagong
(c) Karachi                                                                  (d) Penang

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